Your Mantra

Hi there!

We officially have two months under our belt in this amazing year of 2019 - Congratulations!

How has your tracking been going?! The steady pursuit of reaching your goals, battling your struggles and watching your accomplishments is a daily grind. Sometimes it also makes us feel like we have SO much to do and not enough time. That is completely normal. Time is something that seems to come and go the fastest. Some days feel long - while others fly by. But each and every day matters. It's up to you to use this as an excuse or to simply find a way to make it happen.  Maybe you'll join us in choosing the latter. 😉 

For every conscious choice that you make to push yourself - the results are tenfold. You're boosting your confidence each and every time you allow yourself to be uncomfortable and your establishing brand new confidence every time you prove to yourself that you CAN! 

As much as we believe in the power from within - we also wholeheartedly believe in having a support system - a squad that cheers you on, shares resources with you and tells you that YOU ARE A SUPERSTAR!

So, as part of your support system - your skincare squad, we are here today to bring you a worksheet to help you remind yourself of why you are so amazing. Creating a strong, positive internal voice is critical with so many long term benefits. Start by creating your own Mantra - your own positive self-talk, which will allow you to remind yourself each day in and day out that you are full of superpowers

Share this with your support system, boost and lift each other as you grow. We are honored to be part of your community and continue to be there to every step of the way.

Just remember, take a deep breath and remember who the heck you are!


The Palmetto Derma Squad
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