Why Toner Is Important for Skin of All Ages

Toner just may be one of the most misunderstood and underestimated steps of skincare. The question “Is toner really necessary?” is a common one, and we’re here to provide you with a thorough understanding of why toner is important for everyone.


Understanding Toner’s Bad Reputation

Many believe that toner use simply isn’t necessary, especially for those with younger skin. Others believe that toner causes more harm than good and avoid it altogether. Well, these philosophies stem from a complicated history but are now considered dated ways of thinking.

Most people hear the word “toner” and immediately fear dehydrated skin, irritation, or even painful stinging. These misconceptions come from people who have experienced these side effects from alcohol-based formulas. A quality toner that is both nourishing and effective should be alcohol-free and thankfully, our toners at Palmetto Derma are just that.

While many believe that toner isn’t a necessary skincare step for younger skin, we’re here to bust that myth. Toner does an excellent job at firming the skin to help prevent wrinkles and early signs of aging, but it’s capable of much more. The benefits of toner for your skin and face are tenfold which is why it’s an excellent idea to begin implementing it into your routine at any age.


The Benefits of Toner Use

  1. Added Hydration – Our skin maintains a healthy, vibrant appearance by staying moisturized so why not provide yourself with that benefit whenever possible? Toner is a great product to have on hand in the drier months and when traveling. Just dab or spray some on your face when you’re feeling in need of a hydration boost.


  1. Bye, Bye Breakouts – Toner provides an additional cleansing step for your skin which can pick up some of the excess oil, dirt, and bacteria left behind. Especially in the summer months or post-workout, toner can be a handy product to ensure you don’t have unwanted irritants sitting on your skin for too long.


  1. Promoting pH Balance for Your Skin – Did you know that one of the main purposes of toner is to promote a healthy pH balance for your skin? Your skin’s pH level can be thrown off very easily with all of the products and irritants we come face to face with (no pun intended!) every day. Solution? Don’t skip the toner!


  1. The Tightening of Pores – A wonderful benefit of toner is its ability to gently tighten your pores, reducing their visibility and even providing you with anti-aging benefits. This benefit can improve the smoothness of your skin and also make it difficult for oil, dirt, and bacteria to penetrate it.


  1. Soothes Irritated Skin – After a long day outside or an evening of exfoliation, it’s especially easy for sensitive skin types to become irritated. Using toner can provide your skin with gentle and effective relief, in addition to its many helpful benefits.


Choosing the Right Toner

We know the choices can be increasingly overwhelming but worry not! Palmetto Derma provides customers with an alcohol-free, vegan, rose refreshing toner to promote glowing and healthy skin. 

Get Glowing! Rose Refreshing Toner – Our top-rated Get Glowing! Toner is offered in a 1 fl. oz and 4 fl. oz option and is paraben, sulfate, and alcohol-free, not to mention vegan! This rose refreshing toner helps to replenish moisture, calm the skin, and has restorative and healing components.

Stay Glowing! Set – If you’re feeling in need of an extra splash of moisturization, check out our Stay Glowing! Set which is comprised of a 4 fl. oz bottle of Get Glowing! Rose Refreshing Toner and a 4 fl. oz bottle of Stay Clear! Nourishing Daily Cleanser. This dynamic duo will fix clogged pores and keep your skin feeling healthy and revitalized, not to mention moisturized!

 We hope we’ve helped you banish the preconceived notions of toner and shown you just how important of step it is in your skin care regimen. Our toner options are proudly vegan, cruelty-free, and alcohol-free to ensure only the best and most ethical ingredients are being used on your skin. Now it’s time to see the results for yourself! Your skin will thank you for it.


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