What are the benefits of activated charcoal?

We’re always up for trying out adventurous and buzzy beauty ingredients, but every once and a while there is one that gives us pause. The latest? Activated charcoal - otherwise known as the stuff you use in the barbecue. Uhhh come again? It’s easy to be skeptical over a beauty ingredient that moonlights as a grill master’s ammunition, but activated charcoal isn’t lauded as a skin savior for nothing. Read on below to understand more about how activated charcoal works and the benefits of adding this beauty bad boy to your daily routine.

So what is it that makes charcoal work the way that it does? This is where the science-y bit kicks in. Charcoal is negatively charged, whereas toxins hold a positive charge. As you may remember from school (or dating, perhaps?), opposites attract, so harmful toxins stick to the charcoal which allows us to clear them more easily from our system. This works for charcoal that is applied topically as well as ingested orally, so you can truly detox from the inside out.

The result of all of this detoxing is nothing less than spectacular. For starters, no more clogged pores and clearer, brighter skin. Better yet, a charcoal treatment like our Pore Purifier Charcoal Mask can help to balance oil levels, so you’ll continue to enjoy clearer skin over time with continued use. Not only does charcoal fight the bacteria that causes acne, it is anti-inflammatory and therefore effective in treating against any minor wounds or cuts, whether on your face or elsewhere. In such cases, you can use charcoal as a spot treatment and let it sit on the affected area for 20-30 minutes. No matter your concerns or skin type, Charcoal is gentle enough for daily use, so enjoy liberally.

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