How to incorporate a facial oil into your routine

We’ve got the basics to a daily skincare routine down pat - cleanse, moisturise, protect - but when it comes to all of the extra steps, serums, and masks we start to get just a little overwhelmed, don’t you? Not to mention the importance of tailoring your routine to your skin type and varying concerns - this is practically a recipe for disaster! Recently, we’ve been seeing tons of posts and comments about facial oils - so today we’re here to dispel all of the rumors and concerns how to use facial oils, including why you can and should use oils on your already oily complexion (yes, you heard right!)

First off, we’ll start with the basics. What even are facial oils? Turns out there are lots of different types, and they can vary in functionality - and practicality, depending on your individualized needs. Basically, facial oils are just that - oils - derived from a couple of sources: essential oils, non-fragrant plant oils, or synthetic oils. Differing oils contain their own unique ingredients, and in turn, have different benefits for the skin. It’s also key to note that, despite the commonly given name, facial oils are not exclusively beneficial for your face - if it works on one area, there is no reason that you can’t use it elsewhere too!

Now, how exactly should you use facial oils, and when should you use them? With facial oils, a little bit goes a long way - we always recommend consulting the instructions on your chosen oil, but generally a few drops is more than enough to cover your face and neck. Personally, we prefer to use oils in the evening, just before applying our night cream. Our bodies lose so much moisture while we’re sleeping, so a simple facial oil is a great way to give your skin a boost to keep it hydrated overnight. Snag our Double B Facial Oil and give this a go in your daily skincare routine!

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